A.01 and A.02

A.01 and A.02 are two wall-mounted lighting fixtures in a series designed for Zero. The fixtures are designed to be placed in groups or individually and have a subtle and contemporary character. The fixtures are made of lacquered aluminium. The top and bottom are covered with a matte, translucent acrylic sheet.


A.01 tapers outwards from the wall, resulting in a dynamic, yet simple design. The light is projected up- and downwards and the fixture has a light appearance, without causing glare.


A.02’s design has a simple rectangular shape in plan, but is three-dimensionally skewed. Three solid aluminium sides are wrapped around the light source; two sides are made of acrylic glass, diffusing the light. The luminaire is designed for versatility: it can be swivelled, placed high or low, vertically or diagonally.