Shop Talk 10: Circularity and transformation

Reuse of the already built

Open discussion about conversion and transformation of the already built – cultural environments and buildings with diverse levels of significance and conservation value – seen from a circular sustainability perspective.

What are the values and characteristics they can contribute with? In which time frame? What are the challenges and opportunities we encounter in reality?

This edition of the KS Shop Talk is a part of a wider series focusing on circular strategies and transformation.

Tina Lindh, Equity Places
Daniel Evertsson, Svenska Hus
Carl von Strokirsch, Granitor
Anna Bernstad, Stadsfastigheter
Sofia Hedén, Malmö City
Stefana Hoti, Malmö City
Johan Holmqvist, IVL Swedish Environmental Institute
Freddie Bergkvist, Jernhusen
Nazmije Kllokoqi, Skanska
Elsa Hagdahl, Wihlborgs
Hans Willehader, Kjellander Sjöberg
Johan Pitura, Kjellander Sjoberg


Time and place:
24 October 2023, 8 – 9 am
Engelbrektsgatan 7
211 33 Malmö