Kjellander Sjöberg is a creative team of energetic, curious, and highly skilled professionals who maintain a diverse international practice with combined workshops and studios in Stockholm, Malmö, and London.

We take a responsive and collaborative approach based on co-creation and open dialogue, dedicated to making the physical world around us a better place which is sustainable in the long-term for everyone.

Our studios are laboratories for buildings and cities, where we optimize and create potential, invent ideas, and facilitate shared strategies and visions.

Our focus is to design rich, inspiring, and authentic places with character that has a clear identity and a positive social impact. We prioritize interventions that embrace the contextual nature of a project and engage with communities and people.

We are makers and creators with a pragmatic research driven approach, solving problems hands-on. In our everyday work process, inspiration and forward leaps come from every architect, designer or planner in the studio who collaborate, listen, propose, test, iterate, conceptualize, construct, and drive our projects forward.

We believe in a positive team culture, sharing experience, building knowledge, and supporting each other.

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