Established 1998 in Stockholm, Kjellander Sjöberg is a multi-nationality medium-sized office, led by partners Mi Inkinen, Ola Kjellander and Stefan Sjöberg. The award-winning office has continuously been recognised for its influence in contemporary architecture, urban practice and the architectural discourse.

Every KS project tells the story of its essential elements: Life, Society, Fabric, Form, Environment

Urban Quality

KS’ architecture aims to realise all the potentials of space and form – both by reinforcing site identity and local conditions, and by discovering new connections, programme and spatial organisation within the building, block, and cityscape.

KS believes quality of life, social progress and cultural richness are largely conditioned by the character and effectiveness of the built environment. KS therefore envisions solutions that interweave public space and interaction together with durable, adaptive, and valuable physical environments.



KS’ goal is to create work that is innovative and unexpected. KS is therefore driven by curiosity and analysis. Changes in patterns of working, living and leisure, technology integrated into the home and daily lifestyles, new demographics, regional and global forces, environmental change, and more, are both drivers of and opportunities for reimagining the world. KS is awake to all these transformations.


For KS environmental sustainability is a real possibility, a mind-set that applies to individual behaviour and lifestyle, to buildings, urban spaces and cities. KS believes it can be achieved by establishing a synergy between efficient use of resources, integration of nature, high-quality built environments, and rich social experience.

KS has developed an industry-leading method – KS Workbook – to ensure that sustainability and design excellence strengthen each other in every design solution. KS’s method aims to share this expertise and commitment across the team, by making complex processes more transparent, thus bringing all collaborators, including clients, into a shared dialogue.