Awards 2019

Elderly Care Skärvet

LEED Project of the Year 2019, 1st prize
The award is organized by the Sweden Green Building Council with the aim to reward the best project certified according to the LEED system during the past year, as well as to recognize sustainable construction in Sweden.


Sege Park

City of Malmö nominated for Planpriset 2018 with Sege Park, where KS’s urban block Sege Park is an important component.


Elderly Care Skärvet

European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2019, nomination
The award aims at promoting and understanding the significance of quality and reflecting the complexity of Architecture’s own significance in terms of technological, constructional, social, economic, cultural and aesthetic achievements.

Awards 2018

Brent Cross Town

First prize in invited architecture competition, 2018
Argent Related, London, UK. The brief called for a centrally located urban district, strategically linking the main street with green public spaces and local squares.


Nacka Port

First prize in competition, 2018
Competition for a new landmark in the development of Nacka Port, marking the western entrance to Nacka.



Design S – Swedish Design Awards 2018, Architecture – completed projects
Sweden’s biggest and most comprehensive design award. The award is aimed at professional designers, architects, individual specialists, producers and companies that work with design in a broad sense.

Awards 2017

Nakamtenga skola

First prize, Facilitator of the Year 2017
The prize is arranged by Architects Sweden and rewards a person or a practice enabling good architecture with a significant contribution to society.



First prize in competition, 2017
Competition for the future development of Söderstadion in Stockholm. The vision is to create an integrated urban district near the Globe Arena, that offers both a local urban vibe and memorable experiences.


Elderly Care Skärvet

Nomination for Stora Kakelpriset 2017
The annual award highlights Swedish architecture using tiles in a way that utilizes the positive qualities of the material.


Malmö Saluhall

Nomination for the Best Restaurant Interior award, Restauranggalan 2017
Restauranggalan is an annual event highlighting and celebrating latest achievements, innovations and inspiration within the industry.



First prize in competition, 2016
Competition in a new town district Oceanhamnen in Helsingborg together with Veidekke.“The proposal takes vision of sustainability for future housing to a new level” describes the jury.


The Forests of Venice

Nomination for the Best Display award, World Architecture Festival 2017
The exhibition, initiated and produced by Kjellander Sjöberg together with Folkhem, highlights climate change and what new urban solutions and strategies we face today.


Tunet, Sala Backe

First prize in competition, 2017
The Tunet block consists of four independent buildings designed by Kjellander Sjöberg in cross-laminated timber that link, enrich and help define the cityscape.

Awards 2016


First prize in competition, 2016
Competition to transform a site in a former industrial harbour of Stockholm, Södra Värtan. The commission includes designing a new urban focal point in the emerging sustainable Royal Seaport area.


Sege Park

First prize design innovation competition
KS is delighted for the first prize in the innovation competition The Nordic Built City Challenge, for the Swedish site in Sege Park, Malmö.


Fittja Terraces and Stora Katrineberg

Selected for the Nordic pavilion, 2016
The projects are exhibit in the Nordic pavilion during the architecture Biennale in Venice, is a part of the exhibition “In Therapy – Nordic Countries Face to Face”.



Nomination for the “Construction of the year 2016”
KS’s project Monoliten has been nominated for the industry’s most prestigious award, that highlights the best performing examples in regards to quality, collaboration process, economy and design.


Sege Park

Nomination for innovation competition, 2016
The project It Takes a Block is selected as one of the finalists in the design competition Sharing for Affordable and Climate Smart Living.


Stora Sköndal

First prize, competition, 2016
Design proposal for the Magnolia site in southern Stockholm. The design increases the openness of the area, connecting the adjacent urban fabric with valuable culture and natural surroundings. The supplementary urban fabric generates a rich mixture of housing typologies, programmes and activities.

Awards 2011 - 2015

Tyresö Golfbäcken

First prize, competition, 2015
KS’s commission for designing a new housing project with 200 apartments by the golf course in Tyresö proceeds.


Fittja terraces

Nomination for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2015
KS are delighted and honoured for the nomination which is granted every two years to acknowledge and reward quality architectural production in Europe.


The Educator of the year

Award at Arkitekturgalan, 2014
KS was appointed as the Educator of the year 2014 for the collegial discussion platform Think Tank.


Woodhouse Rosendal

First prize, land transfer competition, 2014
The urban block Woodhouse Rosendal, comprises 100 innovative housing units, using passive-house techniques around a community-minded, green and vivid courtyard. The buildings consist of solid timber.


Skärvet Växjö

First prize, land transfer competition, 2014
Urban block in Växjö, with a green and generous interior park space. With a rich mix of housing typologies, the block includes 190 homes, a school, elderly housing as well as commercial space.



First prize, land transfer competition, 2014
KS’s proposal Trädgårdsstaden, a block with 190 residential units has won the land transfer competition for Ringstorp in Helsingborg, issued by Helsingborg’s municipality.


Kv Postgården

First prize, competition, 2014
Second stage for an urban development project at Årstafältet in the south of Stockholm, called Postgården. The project contains a city block of approximately 90 apartments, which is a freestanding superblock at the neighborhood´s new square.



First prize, competition, 2013
Urban planning investigation for Kvarnholmen’s final stage, Gäddviken and Hästholmssundet. “A dense city, close to the water, with exciting qualities that are expected to contribute to a sustainable and vibrant urban environment.”


First prize, competition, 2012
Paradiset, an infill-housing project on Kungsholmen in the centre of Stockholm.


Bönan och Kisen

First prize, competition, 2011
A new city block at the Johan Helmich Romans park on Södermalm in Stockholm.


Sjöcrona Park

First prize, competition, 2011
Sjöcrona Park, a green urban development project in Helsingborg, with 300 to 400 housing units.



First prize, competition, 2011
Sverre, a renovation project and extension of an apartment block located at Vaksala Torg in Uppsala.



First prize, competition, 2011
Tryffelvägen, a masterplan with mixed housing typologies, a retirement home and a pre-school in Uppsala.

Awards 2006 - 2010


First prize, competition, 2010
Torget 5, a new city block with housing and commercial space along the river Strömmen in the centre of Norrköping.



Building of the year in Stockholm, nomination, 2010
Sparsamheten, villas at the Woodland Cemetry in Stockholm.


Stora Katrineberg

Building of the year in Stockholm, nomination, 2010
Stora Katrineberg, urban infill project with housing.



First prize, urban development competition, 2009
Barnhusbron, a “Ponte Vecchio” in Stockholm. An urban planning project, consisting of a habitable bridge, that brings new life to the city.



First prize, competition, 2008
Rinkebys future, urban development with new buildings at Järvafältet containing housing, sports and commercial activities.



First prize, competition, 2007
Monoliten, a new housing block which is part of the development area at Telefonplan, Stockholm.



First prize, competition, 2006
Ängsskolan, urban development in Fittja Centrum/ Fittja Äng.



First prize, competition, 2006
Annedalsterrassen, new housing block with 150 apartments.

Awards 2001 - 2005

Villa 1.0

Mies van der Rohe Award, nomination, 2005
Villa 1.0, a new concept for a catalogue home.


Länsrådet and Sparsamheten

First prize, competition, 2004
Enskede-Skarpnäck, housing area consisting of three parts.



First prize, competition, 2004
Astrakangatan, urban villas in Hässelby.



Wood prize, nomination, 2004
Rödby, student housing in Kista.
Publication: Arkitektur i trä



ROT-prize, honorable mention, 2002
Nybodahöjden, renovation project transforming a student home into housing.

Awards1997 - 2000


First prize, competition, 2000
Kv Rödby, property allocation competition.



First prize, international architecture ideas competition, 1997
Bo-2000, compact city block in Malmö.


H99 pavilion

First prize, invited international architecture competition, 1999
H99 pavilion, exhibition building for the housing exhibition in Helsingborg.