Every KS project tells the story of its essential elements: Life, Society, Fabric, Form, Environment.



Sugar Refinery .02 The former sugar silo is a distinct landmark with a great potential of becoming a key destination for the wider area of Slapanice. Through careful restoration, the transformation aims to introduce a new cultural facility and meeting place to the area, continuing the story of this building, retaining the old whilst introducing new, flexible structures and content. In collaboration with: @kogaa_studio and @openfabric
Sugar Refinery .01 The project creates an interplay of interesting functions and activities through extensive transformation and re-use, where places and buildings receive new content and become interconnected. In collaboration with: @kogaa_studio and @openfabric
Coastal Beddingestrand Work is well underway to design a new residential area amongst the pines at Granhyddan in Beddingestrand, southern Sweden. Nature, leisure, and beach living play a key role in the local life. The town is located in the countryside right on the cost of the Baltic Sea, proving opportunities for spending holidays, year-round living as well as a combination, dividing everyday life between city and countryside. In collaboration with @we.construction
Meridian Water - Waterside opportunities The River Lee Navigation Towpath in the centre of Meridian Water has a genuinely unmistakable character, celebrating the performative waterscape and the canal life, providing a continuous accessible urban waterfront which will become a key destination in the Masterplan, forming a backdrop for key food and beverage service clusters within Meridian Water. Thanks to collaborators and all involved: London Borough of Enfield @maearchitects @periscope_uk usefulprojects uk @jacobsconnects @5thstudioarchitects and @urbansymbiotics
Shaping the future of urban spaces: Our No Border Studio is part of our latest evolution; the formation of a specialist spatial design agency that reflects our profound interest in the future of urban places. Synthesizing the interdisciplinary principles of sustainable city-making with the design of streets and spaces, No Border Studio makes highly granular creative masterplans to shape new neighbourhoods and communities at a human scale. Curious to know more? Check out the link in bio!
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Sugar Factory .02 The main objective was to establish a new social and cultural centre for Slapanice, integrated in its surroundings, gradually offering rich and versatile content. The new vibrant public space in the sugar factory complex is an innovative hybrid post-industrial landscape. It is designed to respond to a combination of proposed functions and programmes, creating a variety of spaces suitable for use by everyone. In collaboration with: @kogaa_studio and @openfabric
Sugar Factory .01 To retain its legacy and to enhance the identity of the place, we asked ourselves the question: What could be the most sustainable way to revitalise such site, preserving its spectacular memories to give this place its own and unique identity? In collaboration with: @kogaa_studio and @openfabric
A place for local community, meetings and joint activities. Our proposal for a new neighbourhood right by the city centre aims to become a vibrant local place for spontaneity, sharing resources and spaces, arranging flea and food markets, and creating a distinct local community where everyone knows their neighbours, kids can safely play with each other while adults can have a cup of coffee and engage in a spontaneous talk.
SKH Section says it all Our competition proposal for the Stockholm University of Arts aspires to create a welcoming gateway to the Slakthusområdet area in Stockholm. Its base acts as an urban living room, housed under a roof held by arches, typical to the existing industrial warehouses in the area. The permeable structure invites visitors to take part in the everyday academic life, experience creative processes as well as encourages spontaneous meetings. Thanks to our collaborators and everyone involved: @henninglarsenarchitects, @periscope_uk, @ducks_sceno, @rambollgroup and @uapcompany
We are all things urban: Our No Border Studio is a hands-on platform for driving a broader discourse on spatial practice to tackle current challenges at a larger city scale. It is a repository of current urban design and masterplanning best practice, as well as a catalyst and incubator for original research-based innovation to implement alternative thinking, methods, and tools for sustainable urban transformation. Curious to know more? Check out our link in bio!
Nacka Port public consultation KS has, in collaboration with @fastighets_ab_balder and @innovationproperties, developed a proposal for a new gateway to Nacka in Stockholm, featuring two high-rise residential buildings and creating a new distinct landmark for the wider area. Designed to generate local urban life, the public ground floor will activate the area with local amenities, commercial units and services. The clear composition and the design for Nacka Port was inspired by the neighbouring, culturally valuable Klintens färgfabrik, a former paint factory set to be refurbished to regain its former glory. The consultation is open until 19th September 2022. CGI: @darcstudio_