Every KS project tells the story of its essential elements: Life, Society, Fabric, Form, Environment.



We are interested in places that welcome expression, foster engagement, and build-in durability. We make healthy, inclusive, people-centred neighbourhoods that are convivial and welcoming places to live, work and play; places with the potential to inspire, delight and surprise – qualities that nourish our daily lives.
Sugar Factory .02 What creates rich vibrant areas where everyone is welcome? Participatory approach to realisation, meanwhile uses, public greenery, industrial legacy; a series of spectacular memories telling a story of the past and present, granting the place its own unique identity. In collaboration with: @kogaa_studio and @openfabric
Sugar Factory .01 Gradual transformation and reuse Through high-quality placemaking, gradual introduction of versatile programmes and public content to the site, Sugar Factory becomes an attractive destination with a wide range of services for the community that is both just and economically feasible. In collaboration with: @kogaa_studio and @openfabric
Sugar Factory Restoring identity and opportunities for the local community The point of departure for the Sugar Factory revitalisation was the distinct industrial heritage of the site, its conditions and relationship to the surroundings, and immediate needs of the local community. Through granular and innovative approach and extensive reuse, the site becomes a new social and cultural centre, offering a rich and versatile content where everyone is welcome. In collaboration with: @kogaa_studio and @openfabric
Flexible structure This massing diagram illustrates the spatial organisation of the programme for Paushuset, expressed as a series of stacked cubes creating varying heights. The structural system subdivides the building volume into different parts, providing long-term flexibility, promoting multiple uses and allowing content to be developed over time.
KS’s contribution to the future of the Stadion area in central Malmö The sports district, well established in the city since the 1950s, will be transformed into a prominent neighborhood, focusing on sport, recreation, events and meetings. The vision will deliver student housing and accommodation for athletes as well as a main multi-purpose stadium, a mobility hub, an entrance square, offices and commercial facilities. In collaboration with: City of Malmö.
Gjuteriet Transformation of industrial heritage The floor layout fits approximately 300 workspaces across 4,900 sq m. All circulation areas are designed as wide galleries encouraging informal talks and spontaneous “corridor chats”; to stop and sit down. Temporary workplaces and open meeting rooms face the central atrium whilst the more permanent places are located at the perimeter along the facades. The openness between floors, numerous staircases and shortcuts aim to connect and create a community and a sense of belonging, accommodating the many activities within the company under one roof.
Friday’s illustration ! Our recent competition proposal for Nötskrikan is within the urban fabric of central Borås. A city with a variety of places where urban development interacts with the natural conditions of the site and creates unusually beautiful urban spaces. The church and its interaction with the trees gives the site a romantic character that we have chosen to take inspiration from, to create a proposal that becomes part of the distinct urban space around the church.
The Broad Band Your place to make and create An innovation district driven by meanwhile activities and programme. The Broad Band is a vibrant mixed-use zone with a blend of start-ups, incubators, accelerators and live-work opportunities. A fine urban grain with yards and passages, gritty, exciting and creating moments to be experienced and enjoyed. Thanks to all collaborators and everyone involved: London Borough of Enfield @maearchitects @periscope_uk usefulprojects uk @jacobsconnects @5thstudioarchitects and @urbansymbiotics CGI: @darcstudio_ & Kjellander Sjöberg Read more about the project on our website. Link in bio
We are thrilled to present our recent competition proposal for Nötskrikan, a humble and sensible small-plot addition entwined in the urban fabric of central Borås. The ground floor is a publicly accessible patchwork of continuous stone surfaces, and the roofscape is an undulating extension of the adjacent park.
Floor plans are a means to dream of sustainable futures. We approach the design process by asking questions about flexibility, context and inclusion, focusing on meetings between people and social interaction. A floor plan drawing can act as an instruction as well as a description. It is an attempt at order and a clear arrangement of exterior and interior spatial sequences, aspiring to provide conditions for a viable, sustainable, vibrant society for all. To view our new "Floor Plans" catalogue, follow the link on our bio
Ylivieskan Kirkko A church proposal providing unique indoor and outdoor social uplifting sacred spaces. The design is based on arranging a sequence of rooms and places to gradually create a divine atmosphere and experience for the visitors. The main round volume performs against the surrounding natural landscape, becoming an integral part of the core movement of the procession which organises all the larger surrounding places. Do you like floor plans? We have a new compilation catalogue available on our website.