För KS förmedlar varje projekt en historia om dess bärande element: liv, samhälle, rum, kultur, sammanhang, miljö.



Meridian Water An inviting urban carpet and liveable downtown A connected and central neighbourhood served extremely well by urban transport and sustainable mobility. This is a node for the enjoyment of urban pleasures and city-living benefits. A plethora of opportunities on your doorstep, with Market Square, Main Street and Green Loop just around the corner. Thanks to the collaborators and everyone involved: London Borough of Enfield @maearchitects @periscope_uk usefulprojects uk @jacobsconnects @5thstudioarchitects and @urbansymbiotics
Coastal Beddingestrand Nature, leisure and the coast play a central role in the daily life of Beddinge. At the heart of this scheme are two blocks of townhouses forming two green courtyards. Each unit gets a completely private yard and a more open forecourt facing the street. Generous glazing blurs the boundary between indoors and outdoors, opening for beautiful coastal views. In collaboration with @we.construction
Everyday opportunities for synergies between academia and play In our proposal for Begbroke we envision a neighbourhood allowing children, and people of all ages and abilities alike, to move freely and independently between their everyday activities. A place offering many learning opportunities to find innovation and research at your doorstep, creating synergies and shared prospects for a pedagogical environment. Thanks to all involved: @periscope_uk @henleyhalebrown @aljawadpike @fisherchengarchitects WSP,Urban Nature & Ian Firth. Illustration: @henleyhalebrown
Reflection on sustainability: Design for disassembly However much we dislike seeing our faithful, longtime friends go, a building is sometimes too desolate. Designs should strive to have tectonic and robust components to allow for being responsibly disassembled at the end of their lifespan.
Reflection on sustainability: Adapt, transform, re-use. Looking at what is already there, and what is already built, is the key foundation of a more sustainable practice. Our mission is to make sure embodied carbon and used resources remain instrumental in the long term. Repurposing existing buildings and structures provides character and unforeseen solutions that are an integral part of any rich place or neighbourhood.
Reflection on sustainability: Do close to nothing. Do we have to build? The most sustainable and environmentally responsible projects are often the ones not constructed at all. The best strategy is to do as little as possible, close to nothing. What qualities, improvements and advances can be achieved through regenerative processes with a low footprint?
Woodhouse Rosendal The facades are clad in different types of wooden shingles and panels, creating a variation in structure and expression whilst maintaining a coherence and interacting with the surrounding forest. In collaboration with: @skandiafastigheter Photo: Johan Fowelin
Nacka Port A new landmark with local climate-smart urban life The articulation and form are designed to create good micro-climate conditions and to give diverse impressions when seen from different directions and places, providing a three-dimensional experience that is never static. In collaboration with: @fastighets_ab_balder and @innovationproperties.
Nacka Strand KS on a site visit to the Nacka Strand residential scheme in Stockholm. The design and materiality take cues from the surrounding industrial heritage whilst adding new qualities. The prefabricated building elements provide a variety of expression, using different types of bricks and exposed concrete In collaboration with: @besqab
A place for all – accessible, inclusive ad safe Homes, public spaces, shops, workplaces and community facilities should be available and accessible to all. Promote a culture of inclusiveness and diversity in which all are valued, including the more vulnerable and those whose voices are not always heard.
Distinct, tectonically articulated carcass The structural frame of the Magnolia restaurant in Stockholm is made of prefabricated laminated timber elements, load-bearing columns and beams securing shear and lateral stability. The diagonal form of the carcass is the unifying element providing the building with its distinct characteristics and detailing. Photo: @coast_studio
Sketching by hand is our way of thinking and organising ideas. Identifying strengths and weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities for a possible future.