För KS förmedlar varje projekt en historia om dess bärande element: liv, samhälle, rum, kultur, sammanhang, miljö.



Distinct, tectonically articulated carcass The structural frame of the Magnolia restaurant in Stockholm is made of prefabricated laminated timber elements, load-bearing columns and beams securing shear and lateral stability. The diagonal form of the carcass is the unifying element providing the building with its distinct characteristics and detailing. Photo: @coast_studio
Sketching by hand is our way of thinking and organising ideas. Identifying strengths and weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities for a possible future.
Shared, open, mixed-use social block for all. Open and vibrant ground floors with generous active frontages contribute to high quality public realm framed by interesting mixed content. Layering of functions and uses is key to promoting active street life, providing inviting activities at different times of the day to bring the place to life.
Homework help, internship, mentoring; children and seniors. To promote a socially sustainable neighbourhood, diverse strategies need to be employed, ranging from quality placemaking on the urban level to flexible shared rooms for the local community on a building level.
Sustainable living environments with shared spaces for the community. Places of retreat, for work, to read a book, have a coffee, throw a party or just talk to your neighbours – community rooms – essential assets for residents to share, help each other and grow together.
Designed at human scale and prioritising pedestrians, streets and urban spaces can come to the fore as thriving, bustling communal public places full of life and with many roles – places to spend time in, exercise, for children to play; with convivial outdoor café tables and green landscaping.Pampas Marina .02 The bespoke masterplan is tailored to the surrounding topography, infrastructure and urban fabric, and is based on a grid with perimeter blocks with heights varying between 6 and 8 floors. The neighbourhood will provide a mix of new quality homes, workplaces, pre-schools, restaurants and waterfront activities. Thanks to everyone: @hsbisverige, @arosbostad, Solna Municipality, @urbio_landskap @strategisk_arkitektur and Iterio. CGI: @darcstudio_Pampas Marina .01 A new vibrant residential area planned in Solna, Stockholm, in the beautiful environment between the Karlberg Palace and the manor of Huvudsta gård, with great connections and within walking distance to the Stockholm city centre. The design is based on understanding the site as a unique meeting of the city, nature and water, where the focus is to create quality and pleasant environment for all. Thanks to everyone involved: @hsbisverige, @arosbostad, Solna Municipality, @urbio_landskap @strategisk_arkitektur and Iterio. CGI: @darcstudio_Shaping the future of urban spaces No Border Studio is part of our latest evolution; the formation of a specialist spatial design agency that reflects our profound interest in the future of urban places. Synthesizing the interdisciplinary principles of sustainable city-making with the design of streets and spaces, No Border Studio makes highly granular creative masterplans to shape new neighbourhoods and communities at a human scale. Read more on our link in bio.
Gjuteriet From drawing to reality It’s a joy to follow the assembly of the timber frame structure, shaping the space of Gjuteriet. The added timber structure, detached from the walls and hung from the roof, keeps a distance to the existing structure to preserve the spatial quality of the large hall. The new elements create a variation of spaces suitable for new programmes and the design allows daylight from the tall windows and roof lanterns to penetrate through the entire broad and deep space. In collaboration with: @varvsstaden_ab
Meridian Water Placemaking and mobility A place that unlocks the potential of Meridian Water. Innovation, art, culture, food, living, working, making, and connecting. A vibrant microcosm of Meridian Water, a place for showcasing and prototyping, shaping the arrival experience. Thanks to the collaborators and everyone involved: London Borough of Enfield @maearchitects @periscope_uk usefulprojects uk @jacobsconnects @5thstudioarchitects and @urbansymbiotics
Nacka Port A city within a city The scheme seeks to become a destination for both its residents and visitors. A meeting place that offers a wide spectrum of activities day and night, with a content that mirrors the rich variety of a city. It's designed to generate local urban life, where one feels at home, free to contribute and take initiative; where residents are encouraged to use the outdoor environment for co-creation, or to simply meet & socialize. In collaboration with: @fastighets_ab_balder and @innovationproperties, CGI: @darcstudio_
Meridian Water .02 Scale speaks to human senses, empowers movement, and sparks interests. The rich urban fabric will be optimised to create good microclimate conducive to environmental comfort and well-being. Thanks to collaborators and all involved: London Borough of Enfield @maearchitects @periscope_uk usefulprojects uk @jacobsconnects @5thstudioarchitects and @urbansymbiotics
Meridian Water .01 The Gateway Plaza, striking arrival to Meridian Water, an inviting urban carpet comprising a multitude of liveable urban spaces. The Meridian Water Masterplan will deliver good placemaking and a high-quality public realm with key places, destinations and streets emphasizing the pedestrian experience. Thanks to collaborators and all involved: London Borough of Enfield @maearchitects @periscope_uk usefulprojects uk @jacobsconnects @5thstudioarchitects and @urbansymbiotics
Meridian Water A unique place with a highly inclusive public realm providing play space, meeting places and leisure; located on the intersection of a major green park and water, on the doorstep of a highly urban environment offering a rich mix of uses and homes for all. Thanks to collaborators and all involved: London Borough of Enfield @maearchitects @periscope_uk usefulprojects uk @jacobsconnects @5thstudioarchitects and @urbansymbiotics