För KS förmedlar varje projekt en historia om dess bärande element: liv, samhälle, rum, kultur, sammanhang, miljö.

Återbruk och cirkulära strategier

Omvandlingen av Gjuteriet i Malmö, gestaltad av Kjellander Sjöberg på uppdrag av Varvsstaden, är färdigställd. Med fokus på återbruk av material visar projektet hur vi kan utveckla det redan byggda utifrån cirkulära strategier med inriktning på mötesplatser och urban aktivitet. Den karakteristiska byggnadsruinen har fått nytt liv och berättar en mångbottnad historia om hamnmiljöns olika epoker.


Film om Gjuteriet av Paper Films och Ben Cope



Gjuteriet Transformation and refurbishment of industrial heritageStarting with what was already there, the imposing steel structure, the brick walls, the frail and broken patchwork of elements, our approach was to preserve as much as possible, to leave and reveal traces and memories which told the multifaceted story of the building and the rich maritime heritage of the area.In collaboration with: @varvsstaden_ab @peab_ab @oatly Photo: @coast_studio
Participation, Community and OpportunitiesOur studios are laboratories for buildings and cities, where we optimize and create potential, invent ideas, and facilitate shared strategies and visions. Our focus is to design rich, inspiring, and authentic places with character that have a clear identity and a positive social impact. We prioritize interventions that embrace the contextual nature of a project and engage with communities and people.
GjuterietFocused on the intensive re-use of repurposed materials, the transformation of Gjuteriet in Malmö for Varvsstaden demonstrates how existing buildings can be reimagined based on circular principles. Formerly a ruin, the distinctive building has been given a vibrant new life as an active and social new urban place.In collaboration with: @varvsstaden_ab @peab_ab @oatly Photo: @coast_studio
SKH Arts epicentreOur competition proposal for the Stockholm University of Arts aspires to create a welcoming gateway to the Slakthusområdet area in Stockholm. The school should clearly communicate it is open for everyone, inclusive with low thresholds; defining its entrance as a public space under one roof, derived from the industrial character of the area with its iconic warehouses standing on an unifying industrial paving seamlessly running through the buildings.In collaboration with: @henninglarsenarchitects, @periscope_uk, @ducks_sceno, @rambollgroup and @uapcompany
Bro Varvsstaden 02 Bespoke red bridge in MalmöOfficially called Styrmansbron, the bridge will become an integral part of the inner-city urban fabric, a welcome addition to the public space providing a direct connection to the water. The inventive placemaking will create a reason to stop, sit down and observe the surroundings as well as a micro destination and a meeting place. The construction led by Peab will commence this spring and is scheduled to finish in the beginning of 2024.In collaboration with: Malmö Stad @varvsstaden_ab @peab_ab @swecosweden and Ian Firth
Bro Varvsstaden 01 Unique red bridge in MalmöOur winning proposal for a new bridge in Malmö will soon start on site. The bridge will connect the emerging mixed-use Varvsstaden neighbourhood to the city centre. It is designed as an attractive link for pedestrians, cyclists and buses, as well as a place to stay and socialize. The colour scheme draws inspiration from the industrial heritage of the site, its magnificent warehouses and poetic shipyards essential to Malmö’s past.In collaboration with: Malmö Stad @varvsstaden_ab @peab_ab @swecosweden and Ian Firth
We are right at the start of the journey to shape the future of North East Cambridge.Our vision to design a new urban place that will support the health, happiness, and wellbeing of local people, play an integral role in the future of Cambridge, and be an exemplar for sustainable 21st century development. The first step took place last October when U+I and Town organized the People City Planet Festival, the first real chance for the community to come together and help shape the future. We are excited to take part in such process, and hope you will help us shape the plans.In collaboration with: @uandi_ltd, @we.are.town @haworthtompkins @bellphillipsarc @5thstudioarchitects @feildenfowles @alisonbrooksarchitects @nooma.studio Photo: @uandi_ltd
Nacka Port A three-dimensional urban block as a landmarkNacka Port will be visible from a large geographic area. The scheme is designed to give diverse impressions when seen from different directions and places, providing a three-dimensional dynamic experience. Two stepped facades facing the south create setbacks for communal and private terraces, offering spaces for leisure and play for the residents and a visual connection to the adjacent park.In collaboration with: @fastighets_ab_balder and @innovationproperties, CGI: @darcstudio_
Driftwood Model inspiration from our workshop archiveThis scale model in wood shows the varied massing of our competition proposal for two urban blocks in Årstafältet in Stockholm with quality homes in mixed types of tenure and typologies, houses as well as apartments. Its sculptural form is derived from the funnel-shaped geometry of the site and is informed by the local surroundings, creating human scale and a good microclimate conditions on the ground level.
Tendring and Colchester Borders Garden Community .03Co-location & creating a thriving community A 24-hour neighbourhood full of opportunities and an animated mix of uses.Team: Kjellander Sjöberg, @HaworthTompkins @periscope_uk @explorationarchitecture @arupgroup @grounded_practice In collaboration with:@clarion.housing @latimer Image: @HaworthTompkins @itsrobinfarmer
Tendring and Colchester Borders Garden Community .02Vibrant green connectors Productive green spaces connecting existing and new communities with active social uses.Team: Kjellander Sjöberg, @HaworthTompkins @periscope_uk @explorationarchitecture @arupgroup @grounded_practice In collaboration with: @clarion.housing @latimer Image: @HaworthTompkins @itsrobinfarmer
Tendring and Colchester Borders Garden Community .01Good homes & a perfect place to live A diverse range of affordable housing types supporting quality of life through good design.Team: Kjellander Sjöberg, @HaworthTompkins @periscope_uk @explorationarchitecture @arupgroup @grounded_practice In collaboration with: @clarion.housing @latimer Image: @HaworthTompkins @itsrobinfarmer