Think Tank 009

Urban Space Upcycled – temporary & permanent

This Think Tank edition focused on the theme of upgraded public space and temporary new qualitative usage of urban space, with examples from New York, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm and more.

Our guests were invited to a joint inquiry into processes that shape and foster new use and new design / planning of the public realm. Current projects such as the Times Square project by Gehl Architects have displayed new possibilities of reclaiming territories and qualities in cities – for people. We wanted to promote new thinking that may support and integrate more diversity, comfort and enjoyment in urban spaces. This may result in actions that may be temporary or permanent.


Panel guests:
Ola Gustafsson (Gehl Architects, CPH)
Ines Aubert, Ruben Jodar (Stiftung Freizeit, BER)
Liselott Luhr (Wilke Wirén Luhr, STHLM)
Karl-Johan Tomczak (Treeline, STHLM)


28th August 2014