Think Tank 010

The Street – a functional & social connector

This Think Tank takes it back to the street. The function and new potential for the street is drawing an increasing amount of interest in the contemporary architectural discourse and urban design practice. With the street being the main public space where urban life unfolds, we would like to investigate the current state of the art.

The street may be seen both as a device for cities to function properly, as well as a social place, an interface providing integration and connections between different communities and people. Expectations on inclusive quality lifestyles call for a higher degree of adaptability, multi-functionality, equity, health and safety. New programmes with spatial requirements – such as cycling, walking, playing, urban farming, sports and leisure – are at a stage to be implemented through new planning initiatives. Public space and especially the street should aim to improve the way people interact and thrive. Involved stakeholders and user groups represent a widening spectrum of society, where the street is the spatial context for social progress and renewal.


Panel guests:
Jeffrey Shumaker (USA), Chief Urban Designer and Director of Urban Design at City of New York
Elke den Ouden (NL), founder and strategic director of LightHouse, solution partner of the Intelligent Lighting Institute at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)
Anna-Stina Bokander (SE), urban planner, City of Stockholm
Linda Pettersson (SE), landscape architect, Urbio


Date and time:
9th April 2015