Think Tank 014

The Forests of Venice – urbanity, forests, wood and climate

This Think Tank explores themes of the exhibition The Forests of Venice; how the creation of architecture and cities in wood may be in better balance with nature and limited resources in order to meet global climate changes.

As the example of Venice´s origin indicates, cultural and societal development are clearly linked to production and innovation. Furthermore, architecture that arises from necessity in order to provide a safe and livable environment, protected from the elements and foreign threats both man-made and natural. An urban model constructed through pragmatic and new approaches to tides, water, storms and civic program; from the public realm to the private house.

What new innovations in construction, building and design of urban fabric do we need today to meet global demands for better an overall quality of life? What professional roles does the architect conduct, given a similar brief? How do we step up to these challenges? How do we maintain a meaningful practice, at the front?


Hans Ibelings – architectural historian


Chris Sharples, Shop Architects (USA)
Andrew Waugh, Waugh Thistleton (UK)
Alex de Rijke, dRMM (UK)
Tobias Olsson, Swedish Association of Architects (SWE)


Jan Åman, Atelier Slice
Stefan Sjöberg, Kjellander Sjöberg
Sandra Frank, Folkhem
Morten Johansson, DinellJohansson
Katarina Lundeberg, In Praise of Shadows


Time and place:
28th May 2016, 17:00
Serra dei Giardini
Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi 1254
Venice – Castello