Sege Park

Kjellander Sjöberg was awarded 1st prize for the proposal ‘It Takes a Block’ in Sege Park, Malmö, for the innovation design competition Nordic Built Cities Challenge. Sege Park will become Malmö’s new showcase for sustainable urban development, with 800 new housing units planned over the next ten years. Sharing resources will become a means to create climate-smart and affordable housing in the area and will simultaneously enhance the quality of life of the residents.

Sustainable lifestyle in a climate-smart block

Kjellander Sjöberg has together with Sted, Bogl, Atkins, Platspilot and students from LTH, created a block structure where the built environment promotes a sustainable lifestyle. The proposal contains a set of strategies, typologies and solutions with the aim to inspire, engage and create incentives for leading a climate-smart lifestyle. The starting point of the design has been the fact that the long-term sustainability is ensured by providing opportunities for residents to engage and interact with their local environment.

It Takes a Block

The proposal ‘It Takes a Block’ consists of a dense block structure with various residential typologies and mixed forms of tenure. Sharing resources, time and knowledge is a red thread throughout the neighbourhood.  Additional value is created by increasing the amount of shared spaces, while keeping private dwellings compact.

Gradual refinement in the transformation process

Today the Sege Park area consists of buildings from the 1930´s in a beautiful park landscape. Pivotal to the proposal is actively improving the qualities of the area and making them accessible for the future residents, as well as allowing the new built environment to densify and grow organically over time. Such a strategy will allow for a rich socioeconomic variation, creating an urban neighbourhood which is open and attractive for all.