Shop Talk 06: Re-use and transformation

Circular approach, creative urban environments & innovation

A conversation about re-use and transformation of the already built – from the perspective of planetary sustainability and potential contribution of circular approach in development of urban environments and places to create liveable neighbourhoods with social opportunities.


Maria Hammarsten, Business Development Manager Urban Innovation, Atrium Ljungberg
Martin Rörby, architectural historian
Anna Molén, Head of Urban Development, Genova
Henrik Lundmark, Property development and consulting
Stefan Sjöberg, Founding Director, Kjellander Sjöberg
Johan Pitura, Senior Architect, Kjellander Sjöberg
Sylvia Neiglick, Senior Architect and Designer, Kjellander Sjöberg


Time and place:
26th May 2023, 8:00 – 9:00
Kjellander Sjöberg
Rosenlundsgatan 40
118 53 Stockholm