Shop Talk 07: Ownership of the public realm

Create inclusive active urban spaces – open for all

How do we empower communities and promote sharing of urban places? Who decides what can we do in a public space? What can we do to devise a more permissive lively public realm open to initiatives, where more people feel at home? A joint commitment of many – how do we create constructive processes with positive outcomes?


Nicklas Johansson, facilitator NGBG, Malmö City
Mårten Espmarker, architect, political secretary Malmö City
Petra Sörling, CEO Rosengård Fastighets AB
Åsa von Malortie, landscape architect, Sydväst arkitektur & landskap
Halimo Nuur Bashir, Technical Committee Member, Malmö City
David Sim, Softer


Time and place:
15th September 2023, 8:30 – 9:30
Bennets väg 13
213 67 Malmö


RSVP here before Thursday 14th September