Shop Talk 08: Urban development with children and youth

Involve and listen to more voices in the planning process

How do we create processes for developing active, healthy urban environments which make better conditions and opportunities for children and youth? Children are experts in their immediate setting and can participate in dialogue, design and management of their living environment. How can their involvement result in a real, tangible change where places are shaped for girls and young women, not only for boys and young men? How do we prevent restrictive physical environments where movement and freedom of the young gradually diminish?

Sara Stiber, Växtvärket
Steffanie Esse, Malmö City
Per Dahlbeck, Malmö City
Lena Jungmark, SLU Tankesmedjan Movium
Hanna Irvenå, Malmö City
Jenny Tebäck, Rosengård Fastighets AB
Ali Mohammed, Fryshuset
Idriss Mohamod, Fryshuset
Sebastian Mardi, Kjellander Sjöberg
Simon Estie, Kjellander Sjöberg


Time and place:
22nd September 2023, 8:30 – 9:30
Bennets väg 13
213 67 Malmö