Shop Talk 02: The permissive street

The street is probably the most important public space in a city, connecting us directly to each other, taking us places and providing a space to meet, occupy, enjoy and walk through.

The point of departure for this discussion is the sum of possibilities of a street being a space to inhabit. A public space inviting for all, where people of various backgrounds, ages and lifestyles can meet, stay and in some way share values and together shape a community.

We would like to endorse assets of a mixed city where buildings and urban spaces can be used for different activities and programmes, where one can do various things and allow for a change over time. Forming a street is essential for all parts of city development, mobility, landscape design and green areas, safety, trade, industry, residential areas, and is closely linked to all levels of sustainability discourse.


Nina Vogel, SLU Alnarp
Hannah Vadman, ÅF Sverige
Jenny Grettve
Evelina Stjernfeldt, Malmöstad
Jonas Michanek, Newagency
Christian Wilke, Brunnshög


Place and time:
29th May 2019, 8 am – 9 am
Engelbrektsgatan 7
211 33 Malmö