Shop Talk 03: Media and architecture

Media and journalism play an important role in today’s public discussion about architecture and built environment. Perhaps media has even become its co-creators, alongside with other actors within the urban society.

Having the possibility to highlight and review what qualities have been achieved, which features have been prioritised and what basic social values and needs have been expressed, journalism can act as an influencer, a builder of knowledge, and become a driving force in the development of society.

Putting urban environments and buildings into perspective – from a historical, cultural and international point of view – can media contribute to a deeper and more nuanced discourse on what the built environment should or can do? On what expectations, dreams and basic requirements can we as citizens, users, developers, planners and politicians set?

Debates on whether good architecture and urban design, seen as long-term sustainable, are important for the society and how can journalists and critics raise awareness of which processes and conditions create them? Broaden the discussion about which conflicts, economic frameworks and types of consensus are needed for the built environment to meet our needs – on beauty, function and belonging?

How can a good public debate lead to an increased understanding not only for the public? How can it provide tools and a ground to take a stand? In what ways can it contribute to the local environment, influence its development, enhance quality of life in neighbourhoods, city districts and cities themselves?


Gunilla Kronvall, Sveriges Arkitekter Skåne
Ingemar Gråham, Malmö stad
Katarina Rundgren, Testbedstudios
Cecilia Johanson Wihlborg, Wihlborgs
Susanna Dzamic, Sveriges Radio
Jonas Gillberg, Sydsvenska Dagbladet
Andreas Schönström, Malmö kommun
Jonas Michanek, Malmö stad


Date and time:
22nd August, 2019, 8 am – 9 am
Engelbrektsgatan 7
211 33 Malmö