Think Tank 013

Co-creation – a better way of designing

This Think Tank takes a closer look at collaborative ways of operating in design and planning processes. We would like to investigate how this may be done in distinct but related fields from art and installation to design and urban planning. What kind of new work can arise by including wider user groups and the people closely connected to a place?

Co-creation points towards possibilities of sharing knowledge and facilitating processes of a complex nature. Join us for a discussion on the power of dialogue, cross-sectional teams and participation, how an activist-approach can empower citizens and address the complications of rigid structures.


Panel guests:
Elin Eyborg (UK), architect and performance maker
Rosa Lund (DK), architect and partner at STED
The Connectors Society (SE), community of architects and urban planners, Malmö
Jessica Segerlund (SE), Älvstranden Utveckling, Göteborg


Time and place:
28th April 2016, 17:00
Kjellander + Sjöberg
Grimsbygatan 24 (Saltimporten)
211 20 Malmö