Think Tank 015

The Poetics of Wood  –  solid timber construction & inspiration in wood

This Think Tank sets out to further investigate how wood and solid timber technology could be used as a means of achieving material sustainability in the built environment and urban fabric of our cities.

Timber construction has the potential to supply one of the few renewable resources to contemporary architectural practice. Timber buildings reflect multiple possibilities with inherent benefits such as flexibility, lightness, good acoustic conditions, rational assembly, and singular massiveness.

People in general seem to have a direct relationship to wood, a material that is both soft and robust, warm and adaptive at the same time.

New construction methods using cross laminated timber (CLT) are flexible, lightweight and faster to assemble than any other compatible system.

The gain in ecological footprint and reduced carbon dioxide emissions produced by timber construction seem to be of pivotal importance. The technology may easily be adopted and carried out by various communities globally; communities of varied cultural, financial and technological backgrounds.

The increased use of wood raises demands for and expectations of sustainable forestry, one of the major focal points to be achieved to fulfil the internationally agreed UN global climate goals


Waugh Thistleton Architects (UK)
In Praise of Shadows (SE)
Folkhem (SE)
Strombro Building Workshop (SE)


Time and place:
24 November 2016, 17:00
Repslagargatan 15a
118 46 Stockholm


The event is free of charge. Refreshments will be served.
Everyone is welcome; please, invite friends and colleagues.

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