Think Tank 017

Commoning Kits – urban commons, meeting spaces and sharing

Urban commons, meeting spaces and sharing

What creates identity, local involvement and a sense of belonging in an urban district?

As new housing is being planned and developed throughout Sweden, there is a growing insight regarding the lack of various components and approaches needed to offer a viable city with an interesting mixture, democratic urban places and social possibilities – with spaces for meeting, culture, recreation, spontaneity and flourishment.

This Think Tank investigates how new forms of utilization, urban commons and shared economy can be established in existing districts and development areas.

What meeting spaces do we need and which ones are missing? What makes an urban space open or an urban environment democratic and inviting? Should they be planned from above or grass-root initiated, if the latter, who is responsible for the financing and implementation?

The point of departure for our exploration is Sege Park, which will be a new hub in Malmö with the ambition to become a showcase for social and sustainable urban development. The discussion and co-creation is a collaboration between Malmö Form/Design Center, Kjellander Sjöberg and Malmö City.

Think Tank 017 is a first step in Kjellander Sjöberg’s investigation of the city, which will result in the exhibition Commoning Kits at Malmö Form/Design Center in September 2017.

The exhibition will offer further discussions and gather innovative prototypes – creating tool sets for urban commons presented by 15 invited Nordic architect offices.

Welcome to a discussion about Commoning Kits!



Marge Arkitekter
Hauschild + Siegel
Lenschow & Pihlmann
Form/Design Center

Time and place:
May 11, 2017, 5:30 pm
Form/Design Center
Lilla Torg 9
203 14 Malmö


Limited seats!
RSVP by Tuesday, May 9 to rsvp@kjellandersjoberg