Think Tank 018

Sustainable urban meeting spaces – collaboration, content and participation

What are the prerequisites and opportunities for creating social, open meeting places in the city, that are inclusive and inviting? Seen from a commercial, social and civil perspective – where recreational green areas, dialogue and culture thrive?

This edition of the Think Tank brings together a broad panel of interesting guests, active within the urban development, seeking a fruitful dialogue to generate new insights, knowledge and a rewarding debate.

Which new means of collaboration are required, what types of mixed content need to be created, how do we plan and curate attractive urban environments, who participates in the discussion? Where does it happen? How do we allow – city life to unfold and evolve over time? Our point of departure is that the city needs more functional, vibrant and sustainable meeting places in order to be competitive and able to develop in a positive direction. Places, where people can and want to meet, participate, collaborate and exchange experiences.


Panel guests:

Christine Olofsson, Hållbarhetschef, Älvstranden Utveckling, Göteborg
Hanne Birk, Utvecklingschef, Varvsstaden, Malmö
Emma Henriksson, Grundare Novas House
Henrik Lundmark, Fastighetschef, DIÖS Fastigheter
Daniel Markström, Regionchef Stadsutveckling Stockholm, Jernhusen
Stefan Sjöberg, Founding Partner, Kjellander Sjöberg


Time and place:
1st July 2019, 13:45 – 14:30
Stadsutvecklingsdagarna i Almedalen
Trappgränd 1
62157 Visby


The event is open for everyone. Please, invite friends and colleagues.
Free entrance with limited number of seats.