Think Tank 020

Urban regeneration; climate and local opportunities
Shaping 15-minute neighbourhoods
London – Paris – Stockholm

Presentation of the Meridian Water example, an emerging masterplan scheme for the London Borough of Enfield by Kjellander Sjöberg as well as presentations of French examples followed by a panel discussion together with the audience.

This Think Tank, taking place at the Institut Suédois in Paris, will focus on urban regeneration and will discuss climate adaptation and shaping local opportunities within larger metropolitan areas.

By proposing a pleasant urban fabric, informed by microclimate modelling, based on the idea of the ‘15-minute city’ where everything is easily accessible and at hand, Meridian Water in Enfield sets out to tackle the climate emergency and improve life quality in one of London´s most deprived areas.

Comparing examples of urban transformations and emerging ideas with perspectives from London, Paris and Stockholm, we would like to initiate a conversation on how to put people at the centre of large development projects.

How can we utilise what is already there, create meaningful connections and continuity between urban communities? How can we work with local character and a sense of place, features generating local opportunities and long-term prosperous neighbourhoods that are liveable and offer a wide spectrum of everyday life qualities? Dense urban areas creating a sense of identity, belonging and many places to call home?

The event will be hosted by Architects Sweden and Institut Suédois with Kjellander Sjöberg.

Panel guests:
Alessandro Gess, l’AUC (FR)
Armelle Le Mouëllic, Doctor in Architecture, TVK (FR)
Thomas Boucher, Praxys (FR)
Felipe De Ferrari, Plan Común (FR)

More guests will be announced shortly

Time and place:

23rd September 2021, 20:00
Institut Suédois
11 rue Payenne
F-75003 Paris


The event will be in English and is open for everyone. Please, invite friends and colleagues.