Think Tank 021

Proximity: Nearness, scale & community

How do we establish a sense of community and belonging in the urban context? Can local identity and a sense of kinship have a positive impact on how we use public space? Having the ‘Groupings’ exhibition as the point of departure, the Think Tank 021 will explore the topic of ‘Proximity’ through nearness, scale and community. Is the ‘we experience’ based on geographical closeness or is it a community founded on shared culture and values?

Proximity is the experience of being close. Proximity gives opportunities to create relationships, exchange expertise, and share resources. It provides a sense of community and belonging, helping us towards a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable future.

Together with a highly qualified and knowledgeable panel, consisting of Finn Williams, the City Architect of Malmö, and outstanding Swedish and UK architecture practices Mae Architects, MARELD, IF_DO, Mole Architects, We Made That and Fisher Cheng, we will investigate proximity on different scales such as district, urban park, neighbourhood, institution, block, workplace and home, bringing examples from Sweden and the UK.

Panel guests:
Finn Williams (UK + SWE)
Fisher Cheng (UK)
Mae Architects (UK)
Mole Architects (UK)
We Made That (UK)

21th June 2022, 5:00 pm (BST)
Digital event, Zoom Webinar ID: 815 1485 8984

The event will be in English and is open for everyone.

Image: Henley Halebrown / Kjellander Sjöberg / 6A architects / DK-CM / JCLA / Plan A