Think Tank 023

Gjuteriet: industrial heritage reimagined – circular approach, re-use & innovation


It is time for the next Think Tank, focusing on re-use and transformation of the already built.

Based on the example of Gjuteriet in Varvsstaden in Malmö, we will discuss how to reach the Sustainable Development Goals through minimising resource consumption and impact on the climate caused by the construction sector.

How focusing on sustainable strategies and common goals early in the process is essential for the necessary transition as well as for the built result – architecture. We will explore re-use and the potential of seeing what is already built as an important asset; both from the material and resource perspective as well as from a wider cultural and historical public interest in the growing city.

The aspiration of the Think Tank is to shed light on the question through the diverse experiences of the invited guests – the Malmö City, the developer Varvsstaden, The Faculty of Engineering at the Lund University, the main tenant Oatly and Kjellander Sjöberg Architects.


Panel Guests:
Hanne Birk (Varvsstaden)
Finn Williams (Malmö City)
Ulla Janson (LTH)
Olof Martinsson (Malmö City)
Cia Eriksson (Oatly)

Time and place:
24 August 2023, 5:30 pm
Ångfärjekajen 8
211 19 Malmö

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