Think Tank 025

Envisioning better communities

What does the best of urban design and the future of towns & cities mean to us?


Scandinavian urban practice is currently at a high – flourishing both at home and abroad. Recent years have seen a hype around the development of our Nordic cities in relation to urban design, masterplanning, neighbourhood communities, the public good and sustainability. With an increasing demand for this way of thinking more widely – what is it about this approach to urbanism that is growing in influence and gaining international recognition?

Cities like Malmö, Stockholm and Copenhagen are leading the way, each responding to individual challenges stemming from unique socio-economic backgrounds, historic narratives, and built contexts with innovative forward-looking urban strategies and initiatives.

As early adopters of discussions around the quality of life, liveability and social change, Scandinavian practice has for some time been exploring appropriate ways in which to address these vital issues.

How can we develop new models that improve lives, promote social inclusion and embrace diversity? Is there a Scandinavian approach? What is the nature of it and in particular how can this remain relevant beyond our borders?

Resonating themes include: cities and places for people, regardless of background, gender or age; a welcoming ‘people first’ approach based on human scale and comfortable microclimates, where walking cycling and the enjoyment of doorstep nature are part of everyday healthy living.

Truly equitable and thriving communities means the provision of affordable housing in tenure blind mixed neighbourhoods. The successful delivery of these aspirations for urban regeneration and transformative placemaking, while also balancing individual needs with generous public luxury, is largely dependent on creative and highly invested public / private collaborations.

We welcome some of the leaders in urban thinking and practice who are driving innovative approaches to the nature and quality of urban places, regenerating our built environments today and visioning the cities of the future. We are happy to host a panel with a broad perspective, bringing together Swedish and international experience.

What key principles do they live by? What do they believe are the most challenging issues of the day? What’s the single most important lesson they have to share? What inspires them?


Panel Guests:
Angela Woda, Senior Urban Designer, Kjellander Sjöberg (SE/UK)
Björn Ekelund, Partner, Warm in the Winter (SE)
Daniel Rea, Director, Periscope (UK)
Ellinor Thunberg, Journalist, Magazine RUM (SE)
Joakim Lindmarker, Sustainability Expert, Urban Minds (SE)
Nina Åman, City Architect of Nacka (SE)
Patrick Verhoeven, Partner, Mandaworks (SE/CH/CA)


Time and place:
23rd November – 5:00 pm
Kjellander Sjöberg
Rosenlundsgatan 40
118 53 Stockholm