Kjellander Sjöberg’s work method emphasizes the process itself and is based on an open dialogue and close collaboration within both project teams and with our clients and partners.


Kjellander Sjöberg has, over a long time, established an extensive experience base and a particular approach to sustainability in its broadest sense. In order to raise the quality of resource-conscious projects, Kjellander Sjöberg has developed the KS Workbook – a unique tool and a process guide for a wider cooperation on forming the physical environment; for architecture and urban planning processes where sustainability is fully integrated in each step. The KS Workbook introduces a way of initiating a broader dialogue and means of achieving common goals using critical thinking and direct reflection, leading to more specific input and higher value to the end result.

Kjellander Sjöberg Workbook is our tool to reassess and improve the way people interact with the built environment, in order to create sustainable architecture and urban design.

Introduction KS Workbook

Today’s society has a unique opportunity: to imagine and create built environments and contemporary, inclusive lifestyles, that exist within nature and resource constraints. The search is on for new forms of human settlement, business, and culture based on long-term visions and adaptive potential.

KS believes that many – close to all – answers can be found in meaningful, precise and sensitive design of the urban fabric. Good architecture and planning often inherently achieve material sustainability. It also provides the spatial context for thriving public space, and the social dynamics of progress and renewal. We have a strong belief in teamwork and the collaborative process, and we seek simplicity and clarity in complex issues, involving many stakeholders and diverse objectives. This book is our tool to strengthen the design processes we participate in, by helping us and our clients to reveal the new potential in resources, space, and society. It is also a contribution to a shared process – for broader dialogue, critical thought and reflection – leading to better-directed interventions and more valuable projects.

KS Workbook has been developed in collaboration with John Manoochehri at Resource Vision.
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