Shopfront Gallery

KS Shop is our studio, workshop and a public meeting place in central Malmö, with shopfront windows facing the street and the urban life outside. The flexible corner space provides opportunities to invite the public and colleagues for discussions, exhibitions and workshops on architecture, masterplanning and urban design. A place for talks, new thoughts, creativity, research and making.

Come and visit our exhibitions and take part in our established co-creation platforms: Think Tanks, Shop Talks and Work Shops. Have a seat on our community bench outside and watch people pass by, engage in a spontaneous dialogue or simply have a cup of coffee.

Engelbrektsgatan 7
211 33 Malmö

KS Shop 08: Industrial heritage reimagined

Photo exhibition about circular approach, presenting the recently completed transformation of Gjuteriet in Malmö for Varvsstaden, captured by the photographer Rasmus Hjortshøj.

Focused on the intensive re-use of repurposed materials, the project demonstrates how existing buildings can be reimagined based on circular principles. Formerly a ruin, the distinctive building has been given a vibrant new life as an active and social new urban place telling a multifaceted story about the port’s rich maritime heritage.

Kjellander Sjöberg began with what was already there: the imposing steel structure, the brick walls, the frail and broken collage-like character of the building we found – all these preserved stories and narratives that have accumulated over time.

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KS Shop 07: The Tactile and Poetic

We welcome the artist Anna Hillbom to the KS Shop.
Displaying a series of sculptures and sketches in the shopfront, we are thrilled to invite everyone to KS’s latest exhibition in central Malmö, a part of the public realm.

Using tactile and poetic means, Anna Hillbom creates a link between the archaic and the experiential, the haptic and the truly human. By replicating the primitive forms, and through an intricate responsive process, both fragility and heaviness arise – means of expression close to the very essence of architecture itself. Through clear materiality using plaster, wood, clay and brass, the inherent qualities of materials are emphasized, which may determine the outcome. Possible poetry arises in forms that speak of the importance of the familiar, the ordinary.

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KS Shop 06: Floor Plans

We have selected a series of 32 drawings from various times, locations and processes the KS team worked with over the years.
The aim is to investigate how a floor plan can function as a tool and how we, one room at a time, design architectural solutions for human interactions. We approach this by asking ourselves a number of key questions regarding flexibility, context, social inclusion and sustainability. A floor plan is a map, an endeavour to create order and organise exterior and interior spatial sequences. An instruction as well as a depiction; with the hope of viable and long-term vibrant communities for all.

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KS Shop 05: Transformation of architectural heritage

How could a culturally significant historical building be regenerated and given a new life?

The transformation of Gjuteriet is an ongoing project of KS, commissioned by Varvsstaden AB. The building was originally built in 1910 as a foundry for casting machine parts for Kockums’ ships and bridges. Nowadays it is one of the most prominent architectural heritage landmarks in Malmö. Its regeneration presents an opportunity to ask questions about how we approach historical industrial buildings and how could we create balance between preservation and adaptation to our time with different needs and conditions. How reusing the existing structures and buildings could lead to a more sustainable architecture with a reduced environmental impact.

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KS Shop 04: Forgotten Spaces of the Skåne County

The exhibition highlights industrial heritage and the significance of production as an essential element in the history of our cities. What remains today in the form of genuine and inspiring environments are unique assets that can be used in many ways and new contexts. Conservation and transformation developments provide opportunities for a better anchoring in the place and inspiring experiences, forming conditions for local economies to thrive, creating new workplaces and meeting points. Global sustainability goals can be achieved through recycling and transformation, a more resource-conscious and socially sustainable approach.

The exhibition is organised by Kjellander Sjöberg, using material from the newly published book ‘Forgotten Spaces of the Skåne County’ by Carl Bergendorffs (orig. Skånes glömda rum).

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KS Shop 03: Faaborg

Faaborg is a coastal town located on the island of Funen in southern Denmark, one of the oldest trading cities in the country. Faaborg is currently facing three major challenges. It needs to immediately focus on the high risk of flooding caused by the climate change, the historically and culturally valuable city centre needs to reinforce its connections to the surrounding landscape, and the entire town suffers from a decrease in population. To address those, and to maintain the town’s strong position as an attractive urban environment and a travel destination, the Faaborg municipality and Realdania jointly organized a competition with the aim to create a strategic development plan for the city. Three invited teams participated in an open process which provided multiple opportunities for an open dialogue.

Kjellander Sjöberg has won the competition in collaboration with LYTT Architecture, Mogens A. Morgen, Realise and Tyréns.

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KS Shop 02: Magnolia Restaurant

A vibrant meeting place in Stora Sköndal; innovative work with wood as a timeless and renewable material.

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KS Shop 01: Personality Villas

An exhibition by Jenny Grettve.

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