KS Shop 07: The Tactile and Poetic

We welcome the artist Anna Hillbom to the KS Shop.
Displaying a series of sculptures and sketches in the shopfront, we are thrilled to invite everyone to KS’s latest exhibition in central Malmö, a part of the public realm.

Using tactile and poetic means, Anna Hillbom creates a link between the archaic and the experiential, the haptic and the truly human. By replicating the primitive forms, and through an intricate responsive process, both fragility and heaviness arise – means of expression close to the very essence of architecture itself. Through clear materiality using plaster, wood, clay and brass, the inherent qualities of materials are emphasized, which may determine the outcome. Possible poetry arises in forms that speak of the importance of the familiar, the ordinary.


KS Shop is our studio and workshop in Malmö, facing Engelbrektsgatan and the urban life outside. Its shopfront represents our way of inviting public to a meeting place and a gallery organizing talks and exhibitions of architecture and community. We want to broaden the dialogue, inspire, awaken creativity and generate new thoughts. We have created a well-known and respected concept for discussing topics which can contribute to city development, sustainability, community and good living conditions. Take part in our Think Tanks, Shop Talks and Work Shops. Take a seat on our community bench outside and watch people pass by or initiate a spontaneous dialogue.


Date and place:
8th December 2022
KS Shop
Engelbrektsgatan 7
211 33 Malmö