KS Shop 04: Forgotten Spaces of the Skåne County

The exhibition highlights industrial heritage and the significance of production as an essential element in the history of our cities. What remains today in the form of genuine and inspiring environments are unique assets that can be used in many ways and new contexts. Conservation and transformation developments provide opportunities for a better anchoring in the place and inspiring experiences, forming conditions for local economies to thrive, creating new workplaces and meeting points. Global sustainability goals can be achieved through recycling and transformation, a more resource-conscious and socially sustainable approach.

The exhibition is organised by Kjellander Sjöberg, using material from the newly published book ‘Forgotten Spaces of the Skåne County’ by Carl Bergendorffs (orig. Skånes glömda rum).

The book illustrates the heyday of industrialism in Skåne County through 250 unique colour images and personal reflections on the historic events from the middle of the 19th century to the present day. The mining industry, shipbuilding and manufacturing, peat harvesting, sowing, production of lime and cement as well as sugar industry and SSA, once the largest company in Sweden, all come to life again in this book. At a time when our port and industrial areas are being transformed into attractive residential areas, the book is a retrospect of what is now disappearing at a rapid pace. More than half of the settings covered have been demolished or transformed; most of them never shown in print before.


KS Shop is our studio and workshop in Malmö, facing Engelbrektsgatan and the urban life outside. Its shopfront represents our way of inviting public to a meeting place and a gallery organizing talks and exhibitions of architecture and community. We want to broaden the dialogue, inspire, awaken creativity and generate new thoughts. We have created a well-known and respected concept for discussing topics which can contribute to city development, sustainability, community and good living conditions. Take part in our Think Tanks, Shop Talks and Work Shops. Take a seat on our community bench outside and watch people pass by or initiate a spontaneous dialogue.


Date and place:
14th December 2020
KS Shop
Engelbrektsgatan 7
211 33 Malmö

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the entire exhibition can be experienced through the shopfront. We ask everybody to keep a safe distance from other people and follow the latest recommendations.