Think Tank

Think Tank is a series of nonprofit discussions and co-creation events hosted by Kjellander Sjöberg. The purpose is to build a collaborative platform and to promote a wider cross-disciplinary dialogue and initiative, to engage with urban planning and architectural discourses that transform cities and the built environment. We promote focus on the processes that shape architecture and the design of the public realm – the social, ecological, cultural and lifestyle possibilities of tomorrow.

Participiants consist of the public and a wide array of colleagues, scholars, professionals, policy-makers, urban planners and clients.

Think Tank 020

Urban regeneration; climate and local opportunities.

Shaping 15-minute neighbourhoods
London – Paris – Stockholm

Presentation of the Meridian Water example, a masterplan scheme for the London Borough of Enfield by Kjellander Sjöberg as well as presentations of French examples followed by a panel discussion together with the audience.

This Think Tank, taking place at the Institut Suédois in Paris, will focus on urban regeneration and will discuss climate adaptation and shaping local opportunities within larger metropolitan areas.

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Think Tank 019

Climate activism – a local, national and international perspective.

What tools and resources do we have to fight against climate change and decrease in biodiversity, two major challenges of our time?

What can we do right here, right now?

This edition of Think Tank will highlight and discuss some of the initiatives and good examples developed in Malmö as well as in Sweden and abroad.


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Think Tank 018

Sustainable urban meeting spaces – collaboration, content and participation

What are the prerequisites and opportunities for creating social, open meeting places in the city, that are inclusive and inviting? Seen from a commercial, social and civil perspective – where recreational green areas, dialogue and culture thrive? Which new means of collaboration are required, what types of mixed content need to be created, how do we plan and curate attractive urban environments, who participates in the discussion? Where does it happen? How do we allow city life to unfold and evolve over time?


This Think Tank, held in Almedalen, brings together a broad panel of interesting guests, active within urban development, seeking a fruitful dialogue to generate new insights, knowledge and a rewarding debate.


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Think Tank 017

Commoning Kits – urban commons, meeting spaces and sharing

What creates identity, local involvement and a sense of belonging in an urban district?

As new housing is being planned and developed throughout Sweden, there is a growing insight regarding the lack of various components and approaches needed to offer a viable city with an interesting mixture, democratic urban places and social possibilities – with spaces for meeting, culture, recreation, spontaneity and flourishment.

This Think Tank investigates how new forms of utilization, urban commons and shared economy can be established in existing districts and development areas.

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Think Thank 016

Fashion meets architecture – how do we claim space in the city?

This Think Tank explores the relation to our surroundings and natural environment – the city – through fashion and architecture.
Both practices have traditionally worked with function, structure, materiality and design. How do they currently relate to innovation, sustainability, integration and equality?

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Think Tank 015

The Poetics of Wood  –  solid timber construction & inspiration in wood

This Think Tank sets out to further investigate how wood and solid timber technology could be used as a means of achieving material sustainability in the built environment and urban fabric of our cities

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Think Tank 014

The Forests of Venice – urbanity, forests, wood and climate


This Think Tank explores themes of the exhibition The Forests of Venice; how the creation of architecture and cities in wood may be in better balance with nature and limited resources in order to meet global climate changes.

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Think Tank 013

Co-creation – a more democratic way of designing


This Think Tank takes a closer look at collaborative ways of operating in design and planning processes. We would like to investigate how this may be done in distinct but related fields from art and installation to design and urban planning. What kind of new work can arise by including wider user groups and the people closely connected to a place?

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Think Tank 012

Participation – architecture that makes a difference


This Think Tank focuses on the possibilities of architecture to improve conditions and to find solutions for people and communities in need. We would like to have a closer look at architecture and urban planning as generators for long-term development and as tools in the processes shaping sustainable and adaptable environments.

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Think Tank 011

The new urban life – better principles, better cities


What type of urban qualities should we allow for while planning new neighborhoods and improving existing urban environments? What should be included in the public space of the city, who should be able to participate and how? This edition of Think Tank in Almedalen is about the city’s communal spaces as a public resource – about its content and interstitial spaces.

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Think Tank 010

The Street – a functional & social connector


This Think Tank takes it back to the street. The function and new potential for the street is drawing an increasing amount of interest in the contemporary architectural discourse and urban design practice. With the street being the main public space where urban life unfolds, we would like to investigate the current state of the art.

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Think Tank 009

Urban Space Upcycled – temporary & permanent


This Think Tank edition focused on the theme of upgraded public space and temporary new qualitative usage of urban space, with examples from New York, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm and more.

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Think Tank 008

Martin Johnsson – architect as artist, artist as architect

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Think Tank 007

Architecture dialogue – Swedish architecture culture?


Is there a Swedish architecture culture? Is it an important and relevant question?

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Think Tank 006

Green + K + S – towards a sustainable future

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Think Tank 005

Årsta church – concentration and devotion

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Think Tank 004

Owe Swanson – it is in friction values occur

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Think Tank 003

Urbio – city planning through green eyes


Mattias Gustafsson, founder and CEO of Urbio, about the sustainable urban development through landscape architecture.

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Think Tank 002

Romans Park – concept to project

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Think Tank 001

Urban Minds – birth of a new office


Think Tank started as an internal and informal platform for sharing ideas and creating collaborations within the wider field of design.

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